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GEE Bangla is the only authentic and certified Study in India promotion center in Bangladesh. GEE Bangla is certified by most of the Indian premium universities like VIT,  BITS Pilani, SRM, Symbiosis, Ramachandra, Thapar, KIIT, PDPU as the regional mentoring center. Since the inception, thousands of international students directly or indirectly benefited by the mentoring of GEE Bangla. The contribution of GEE Bangla is undeniable in presenting the Indian education system to the international students, specially the students from the SAARC Countries, Asia, Africa and Latin America. We have strong mentoring team who have studied in IIT, NIT, VTU, University of Dhaka and other famous universities. Our dedicated team is ready to guide you about Study in India. Meet with one of our team members and justify how they change your life positively. 


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To Study in India, choosing a good and quality university is a huge challenge for international students. University selection easily helps someone to achieve the desired goals in life.


India is the land of 920 Universities, 4000+ Higher Education Colleges and Thousands of Schools. Select the best institution from GEE Bangla for the best Career.


India offers various scholarship, fee waiver and grants to international students. ICCR and SII Scholarship is the most popular. Avail scholarship facility from GEE Bangla.


Study Visa Help, FRRO Assistance and Travel Guide is completely free of cost at GEE Bangla. GEE Bangla is your Mentor from Admission to Alumni.

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Our Inspiration...

GEE Bangla is grateful to these people and institutions who inspired us to promote Indian Education throughout the world. We feel proud for them. Read their speech from the slides below about GEE Bangla.  

Suresh Anand Mani
Suresh Anand Mani@ SRM Institute of Science & Technology
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GEE Bangla is associated with SRM Institute of Science & Technology since 2010. We authorized GEE Bangla to conduct our marketing, branding and admission activities for International admission. We are happy with GEE.
Dr Vijay Kumar
Dr Vijay Kumar @ Director, International Relations, VIT
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The efforts of GEE Bangla is extraordinary. The real Indian education promotion organization in Bangladesh. I recommend everyone to follow GEE Bangla.
Shehrevar Davierwala
Shehrevar Davierwala@ Symbiosis International University, Pune
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GEE Bangla is the real Indian Education Promotion Agency. They promotes Indian Education globally. I believe some days they will receive unexpected award for their outstanding performance.
Monoj Kumar Khannan
Monoj Kumar Khannan@ Vel Tech University
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So far I have seen, GEB Bangla is the best platform tor Internationale students to study in Indie with Scholarship. Their guide is awesome.Wish them all success.